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Winter Allergies – What Causes Them & How to Prevent Them

Winter Allergies – What Causes Them & How to Prevent Them

Allergies are typically associated with the springtime, but the Winter season can also prove to inflame allergies. It’s crucial to understand that winter allergies have different causes than hay fever symptoms and must thus be treated differently. An outline is provided here to assist you in recognizing and avoiding your winter allergies.

Although allergies cannot be cured, they can certainly be treated and prevented. Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology Medical Group has the knowledge to share with you important information about allergies. Book an appointment to consult with a specialist by calling 805-658-9500 or reaching out to us on our Contact Page.

Continue reading to learn more about winter allergies.

The Most Common Things Causing Allergies

Winter allergies are mainly brought on by indoor allergens rather than pollen. When the weather gets chilly and most of your time is spent indoors with the windows closed, you may experience an increase in symptoms such as sneezing, wheezing, and itchy, watery eyes. The following indoor allergens are the most common reasons why individuals suffer from winter allergies:

Pet Dander – Instead of their fur or hair, house pets’ dead skin flakes are what cause allergic responses as the windows/doors are often closed.

Dust Mites – Contrary to popular belief, dust does not directly cause allergens; rather, symptoms are brought on by dust mite waste. These tiny creatures love to live inside carpets, upholstered furniture, and bedding.

Indoor Mold – Although not everyone reacts when they inhale mold spores, people with allergies frequently have symptoms in restrooms and basements.

Cockroach Droppings – To prevent cockroaches, it’s essential to keep food properly stored, be diligent about cleaning up spills and crumbs, repair leaking faucets and pipes, and seal any cracks and crevices in your home.

Ways to Prevent Allergens from Being in Your Home

Prevention is the key to fighting winter allergies. We’ve compiled a list of ideas that can benefit those that suffer from allergies:

  • Keep the humidity in your home low to prevent dust mites
  • Reduce the amount of carpet in your home
  • Clean often (dusting and vacuuming)
  • When washing your bedsheets, always wash on high temperature
  • Invest in hypoallergenic cases
  • Bathe your pets once or twice a month (not more or it can dry out their skin)

Take Care of Your Winter Allergies

Book an appointment to learn more ways you can take care of your winter allergies and more ways you can prevent them from flaring up. Call 805-658-9500 to speak to one of our professionals.