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FeNO Testing

FeNO testing can help diagnose asthma and assess effectiveness of medications

Do you suspect you have asthma? A simple two-minute test at your allergy doctor’s office can help you find out for sure. It’s called FeNO (Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide) testing.

How Does FeNO Testing Work?

FeNO testing involves breathing into a mouthpiece attached to a computer so that the amount of nitric oxide on your breath can be measured. Nitric oxide is produced in the lungs in response to inflammation, so measuring FeNO provides a quick and reliable means of determining if inflammation is present. Individuals with asthma tend to have some level of chronic inflammation in their airways at all times, which is why a high FeNO reading can be useful for the diagnosis of asthma.

Improve Treatment Outcomes with FeNO Testing

FeNO testing can also be useful for monitoring the effectiveness of asthma medications. By comparing the results of FeNO testing done before and during treatment with a new medication, your asthma doctor can see how effective the medication is in controlling inflammation and recommend a step up or step down in your medication as appropriate.

According to the manufacturers of FeNO testing equipment, using FeNO to guide corticosteroid therapy can reduce asthma exacerbations by up to 50 percent.

Ready to Get Tested?

FeNO is just one tool we use for helping individuals with asthma find relief from their symptoms. To schedule your FeNO testing appointment, contact us today.