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Medication Allergy Testing

Let our expert allergists help you identify medication allergies

Many of the side effects listed in the warning labels for various medications are actually caused by allergic reactions. Some medications, such as penicillin, which are perfectly safe for most people can be deadly for others. Knowing which common medications you may be allergic to is very important for your health and safety. If you suspect you are allergic to a medication you have been taking, come visit our specialists immediately. We can provide the following services:

Physical Exam & Case History

Performing a physical exam and asking detailed questions about your medications and your symptoms is an important first step in checking for medication allergies. Our allergists are highly experienced in these sorts of assessments and you can rely on them to ask the right questions and interpret your answers intelligently.

Blood Tests

Blood tests have very limited usefulness in testing for medication allergies. However, they can detect allergies to certain antibiotics, muscle relaxants, and insulin. We may recommend a blood test if you suspect you are allergic to one of these kinds of medications, and your allergic reaction was sufficiently severe to make a skin prick test unwise.

Skin Prick Tests

Skin prick tests are a standby in almost any type of allergy testing, and for good reason. While skin tests do tend to give out false positives in some cases, they give reliable negative results and therefore can be used to conclusively rule out certain suspected allergens. We can perform these allergy skin tests in our office.

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