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Chronic Cough

Get help silencing your chronic cough from our expert allergists

Is a chronic cough keeping you up at night, affecting your ability to enjoy social events, and generally ruining your quality of life? You need to visit an allergist. We can help determine the underlying cause of the chronic cough and help you find relief.

When to Consult an Allergist

If you have a cough that lasts for 8 weeks or longer, it is chronic and you need to see a doctor. Because the most common causes of chronic coughs are all related to allergy & asthma issues, you need to see an allergist specifically. This is especially true if your cough is accompanied by symptoms such as wheezing, nasal drip, or heartburn.

How We Can Help

At Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Medical Group, our allergists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic cough related to asthma and allergies. We can perform pulmonary function tests to diagnose asthma and allergy tests to identify hay fever or other causes of nasal drip, as well as assess coughs associated with acid reflux. Then, we can provide a personalized treatment plan just for you, which will take into account your particular risk factors and any other medications you may be using.

Ready to silence your chronic cough? Schedule a visit to one of our three convenient locations today.