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Need Help Identifying Your Eczema Triggers? There’s an App For That

New eczema and allergy tracking app helps track flareups to identify triggers.

Need Help Identifying Your Eczema Triggers? There’s an App For That

While there are ways to soothe the discomfort of eczema and other types of skin allergies, prevention is always the best medicine. The only trouble is, it can sometimes be very difficult to determine what exactly is triggering your flareups. Allergy testing can help, but it doesn’t always paint a complete picture. This is especially true for individuals who eczema is triggered by several different factors in combination, rather than just one single allergen.

Eczema Tracker App Helps Pinpoint Triggers

We’re exposed to far too many potential eczema triggers each day to account for and analyze by hand, even with the most diligent record keeping. Fortunately, there is now an app that can help with this task.

The aptly named Eczema Tracker was developed by Nav Gosal, parent of a five-year-old with full body eczema. After spending years tracking the child’s flareups, Gosal started to notice patterns in the foods, environment, and weather conditions that preceded flareups. Gosal recognized that a computer algorithm would be much better suited to handling this tracking and teasing out trends, and could reveal even more patterns in the child’s flareups and potentially identify specific triggers.

Eczema Tracker can be fed data about the user’s symptoms, diet, and exposure to potential skin irritants like detergents, perfumes, and dyes. It also automatically tracks environmental data based on the user’s location, including pollen, weather, humidity, and mold levels. Over time, the app will produce charts, graphs, and monthly reports showing correlations between various environmental factors and other potential triggers and the severity of the user’s eczema or skin allergy symptoms.

The app can also be useful for collecting data on the length of flareup cycles and the effectiveness of medications on skin allergy symptoms. The data collected in this way will be much more accurate than attempts to think back on past experiences and remember specific symptoms and other details.

Eczema Tracker is available for free in the app store.

Do You Need Help Managing Your Eczema?

Of course, Eczema Tracker is not a substitute for the care and advice of a skilled allergy doctor. It is simply a tool that can help you and your doctor understand and manage your symptoms better. If you have questions about eczema or other skin allergies, please contact Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology Medical Group today and request an appointment.