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XOLAIR Injections

Find relief from chronic hives or severe allergic asthma with XOLAIR injections in our office

If you’ve been suffering from hives for more than six weeks and found no relief from antihistamines, or if you have severe allergic asthma triggered by perennial airborne allergens, XOLAIR injections could be the treatment you’ve been longing for. This therapy has recently been approved by the FDA and Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology Medical Group is excited to bring it to our patients.

How XOLAIR Works

If you have allergies, your body is creating too much of the IgE protein antibody. Excessive amounts of this protein are responsible for your allergy symptoms. XOLAIR binds to IgE in the bloodstream and prevents it from acting upon your immune system and causing allergic reactions.

Treatment with XOLAIR Injections

If one of our doctors considers you a good candidate for XOLAIR, you can begin your course of injections right here in our office. We’ll run a blood test and record your body weight in order to determine the correct dosage for you. Depending on your individual case, you may receive XOLAIR injections in your upper arm every two to four weeks. After a few months of treatment, you will begin to notice a reduction in allergic symptoms. The effects of the treatment will continue as long as you continue visiting our office for your injections. However, if the treatment is stopped, the effects of XOLAIR will wear off within 6 to 12 months.


According to the clinical studies presented for FDA approval of XOLAIR, this therapy is very safe. The studies did show a very small risk of severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis in some patients. However, because the shots are administered in our office under the care of a skilled allergist, patients can be carefully monitored for any signs of an adverse reaction following the shot and given prompt and effective treatment.

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