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Common Christmas Asthma Triggers

Common Christmas Asthma Triggers

During Christmas time, you will probably be attending many Christmas holiday parties or events. Just because you have asthma does not mean that you should not have a great time during this Christmas time. Here we have listed some of the most common things that can trigger an asthma attack during the holidays.

Common Asthma Triggers During Christmas

Open Fires: Smoke is a very common trigger for many people with asthma. Open first usually create a lot of smoke that can trigger an asthma attack. If you are visiting friends or family who have an open fire and are worried about experiencing worsening asthma symptoms, you can kindly ask them not to use it while you are there. If you are visiting a public area such as a pub or town gathering for a Christmas event, make sure to be prepared and check in advance whether there will be an open fire.

Alcohol: It is good to know that alcohol can trigger asthma symptoms. You can opt to choose other drink alternatives at the Christmas gatherings or bring your own drinks to the parties to reduce our risk of experiencing an asthma attack.

Smoking: Cigarette smoke is a major trigger for asthma symptoms in people. As a parent with a child who has asthma, it is especially important to know that it can trigger your child’s asthma during the festive season. If you know you will be visiting friends and relatives or inviting them to your home during the Christmas holidays, tell them beforehand of the trigger.

Colds and viruses: There is no guarantee on ways to avoid catching a cold or the flu. But doing simple things like washing your hands regularly can help protect you. Catching a cold or the flu can worsen your asthma symptoms.

Cold weather: A sudden change in the weather can trigger asthma symptoms. Be prepared by watching the weather forecast so you know what to expect. Make sure that you wear warm cloths when you go outside.

Stress and anxiety: Being stressed can also be a trigger for asthma. Remember to take some time to relax during Christmas, in between all the running around to get your shopping done and visiting family.

Fragrances and scented candles: People with asthma can also experience worsening asthma symptoms and/or have an attack with certain smells or perfumes. If you are visiting friends and family during the holiday season, let them know ahead of time if certain scents trigger your asthma.

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