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Asthma Triggers During the Holidays

Asthma Triggers During the Holidays

Fall is a season with many holidays and festivities. November is the month when Thanksgiving is celebrated. When you think of Thanksgiving, you usually are reminded of pumpkin pie, turkey, gravy and stuffing. But Thanksgiving is not only about all the good food that is eaten during this time. Thanksgiving also brings things that can trigger asthma symptoms. Throughout the year, asthma can be trigger by multiple things, ranging from outside pollen to inside dust mites. It’s important to know and understand different triggers, if you have asthma. Let’s take a look at some of the things specific to Thanksgiving that can trigger asthma symptoms for people. Some of the asthma triggers mentioned may not be as obvious as others.

Scented air fresheners

During the holidays having certain scents in the home can invoke nostalgic feelings and memories from the past holidays. However, scented fresheners like gingerbread, pumpkin and pine scents can be hazardous to asthmatics. People with asthma have reported health issues from using air fresheners. Air fresheners sometimes have irritating scents and ingredients for asthmatics.


A fire in a fireplace is wonderful this time of the year to bring in the festivities. However, smoke is a common trigger for asthmatic people. It is also a good idea for people with asthma to stay away from cigarette smoke.

Scented candles

Similarly to scented air fresheners, holiday scented candles could also trigger asthma symptoms for people. Scented candles may have certain oils or fragrances that trigger health problems. Additionally, the smoke created from the scented candles can trigger asthma as well.

Cold, dry air

During the fall, the temperatures outside are cooler than spring and summer. The cold and dry air during this time can be a trigger for asthma. The colder months also increases the exposure to colds caused by viral infections and is an added concern for asthmatics.

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