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Are You Tired of Dealing with Your Allergies? Check Out These Three Options to Help Keep Them at Bay

Are You Tired of Dealing with Your Allergies? Check Out These Three Options to Help Keep Them at Bay

No one wants to live with allergies yet more than 50 million people in this country alone have some types of nasal allergies. If you are one of those 50 million people and have not gotten successful treatment for your allergies, keep reading to discover three possible solutions to your issue. Then contact Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Medical Group at 805-658-9500 for help.

  1. Get Tested
  2. Many people “know” they have allergies but have never been tested for them. This is because they are so common and the symptoms are so well known. However, while you might know that you have allergies, you need to know what specific allergies you are dealing with in order to get the right treatment options. When you visit Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Medical Group, we can provide comprehensive allergy testing to determine what you are dealing with. Generally, this starts with allergy skin testing. If we suspect a serious allergy, we might recommend a blood test instead. If skin testing is the option chosen, we will expose your skin to very tiny amounts of potential allergens to see what you react to. There are generally little or no side effects of this type of testing.
  3. Consider Taking Low-Risk Allergy Medications
  4. You can start by trying over-the-counter allergy medications, but you have likely already tried that and if they had provided relief, you wouldn’t be reading this. If they have not worked, talk to your allergy specialist. We can provide insight into what you might be experiencing. We can also recommend the right medication based on other health issues. For example, if you have high blood pressure then you should not be using any type of oral decongestant as it might raise your blood pressure.
  5. Consider Allergy Shots
  6. Allergy shots, technically called immunotherapy, can bring relief to allergy sufferers. First, you must be professionally diagnosed with allergies and we must be clear on the cause. We can then design a spectrum of allergy shots to bring you relief. They help your immune system to stop reacting to what is causing your allergy symptoms. For some, this brings lifelong relief as their bodies become entirely immune to the allergens they were once allergic to.

Generally, we will suggest you try allergy medication before getting allergy shots. Why? Because immunotherapy can involve visiting us weekly for weeks, months, or even longer. If you respond well to a simple over the counter allergy medication, that will the easiest option for you.

If you are ready to take your allergy relief into your own hands and find the best way forward, then we are standing by to offer you the help you need. Contact Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Medical Group at 805-658-9500 now to set up an appointment.