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Learn How Pulmonary Function Testing Help Asthma Sufferers

Learn How Pulmonary Function Testing Help Asthma Sufferers

Anyone who has struggled with uncontrolled asthma understands how terrifying, irritating, and painful it can be. In the past, doctors could simply prescribe an inhaler and leave it at that. Clinics that specialize in these conditions, such as Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Medical Group, can now figure exactly what the reason is and how to treat particular instances of asthma.

A pulmonary function test may be the ideal option for you if you aren’t someone who can depend on breathing regularly all of the time. Continue reading to discover more, then call us at 805-658-9500.

Pulmonary function testing is beneficial to those who don’t have asthma

The truth is that there are a variety of different diseases that can make regular breathing difficult. No matter what the origin of your disease is, you can depend on Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Medical Group to perform every test and take every step required to give you with the answers to what is causing it and how to cure it.

Which sort of test is most appropriate for your requirements?

Pulmonary function testing come in a variety of forms. Spirometry tests are the one that we’ve discovered most people are familiar with. These are done in an allergist’s office and have the advantage of being simple to execute and interpret. The procedure is straightforward: You inhale using a mouthpiece. The spirometer then records how much air enters and exits your lungs. It also keeps track of how fast the air is flowing.

The spirometer is the most common form of pulmonary function test, although it is far from the only one. The lung volume measure test is another possibility. If we need to know how much air your lungs can retain and/or how effective they are at transporting oxygen into your circulation, we may conduct a diffusion capacity test.

We’ll put together a detailed treatment plan for you

We can begin working on determining the appropriate treatment plan for you once we’ve reviewed the findings of your testing. It all depends on how impaired you are and what other drugs you are on. We want you to find a therapy that works for you, but not at the expense of having a negative reaction to your existing drugs. You can rely on our allergists to provide the finest therapy possible, regardless of the specific treatment plan we recommend.

Our effort, however, does not end there! We also conduct in-depth monitoring to determine the efficacy of each treatment. The ultimate objective is to strike the ideal equilibrium that improves your quality of life. We’ll do the tests needed to figure out where you are, then offer the best treatment choices we can think of. Finally, we’ll check to see whether it’s working.

Contact Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Medical Group at 805-658-9500 if you’re ready to say goodbye to your breathing problems. We look forward to assisting you as you move on in your life.