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Get the Facts About At-Home Allergy Testing Kits and How They Could Help – Or Hurt – You

Get the Facts About At-Home Allergy Testing Kits and How They Could Help – Or Hurt – You

No one wants to visit the doctor if they don’t have to, so it might seem like testing for allergies at home is the best option. Unfortunately, this is not generally the case. Keep reading to learn why at-home allergy testing is not generally advised, and then contact Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Medical Group at 805-658-9500 for affordable, comprehensive allergy testing.

Allergy Tests On Their Own Don’t Tell You as Much as You Might Think

One of the main reasons that these tests are not advisable is that they are not particularly useful without a doctor there to assess the results. When you see that the allergy test tells you that you have an allergy to dander, there is often additional testing to be done or information to be taken into consideration.

At-Home Allergy Tests Are Not Always Reliable

Unfortunately, at-home allergy tests are not always reliable. You might get what is known as a false positive, which essentially says you have an allergy when you do not have one. This false positive can lead to changes to your life that could be unsafe and unhealthy.

For example, if a food allergy test says that you are allergic to wheat, milk, soy, and eggs, then what would you do? You would likely stop eating these things. This can cause serious health issues as all of these foods bring nutrients. If a test said you have an allergy to a pet, you could get rid of them only to find out that the test was wrong from the beginning.

You Could Waste Money on Allergy Tests

At-home allergy tests are far from cheap. Why pay for one if it will not get you good results? The most likely scenario is that you would then go to a professional and pay for testing again. Start with a doctor who can not only give you a reliable test but read the results correctly. This will save you money – and worry – in the long run.

Your Health Background is Relevant

When reading the results of an allergy test, we do not read them in a vacuum. Your health background, medication list, and family history of allergies are all relevant. None of this can be taken into consideration when you use an at-home allergy test.

As you can see, the best option is to start by working with Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Medical Group. You can call us at 805-658-9500 to get started with an appointment and assessment.