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Allergist in Santa Clarita CA

Find relief from allergy symptoms by visiting an expert allergist in Santa Clarita CA.

Allergist in Santa ClaritaAre you suffering from allergy-like symptoms, but you can’t quite figure out their root cause? Come to Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology Medical Group for answers. Using the latest tools and techniques, our board-certified allergists in Santa Clarita CA can provide expert diagnoses and treatments for all kinds of allergic and immune-related conditions. As a family practice, we specialize in explaining allergic conditions and treatments in ways patients of all ages can understand. After all, we want our patients to feel informed and included in their care decisions.

Find Your Triggers with Expert Allergy Testing

Before you can find allergy relief, you need to determine what exactly is triggering your allergy symptoms. Our allergists in Santa Clarita CA are highly experienced in the administration and interpretation of various diagnostic tests such as:

  • Allergy skin testing (prick tests, patch tests, and intradermal tests)
  • Food allergy testing (prick tests and blood tests)
  • Medication allergy testing (blood tests and skin tests)
  • Rhinoscopy
  • Pulmonary function testing

Reduce Allergies with Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy, or allergy shots, is a preventative treatment that can provide relief to many allergy sufferers by helping their bodies build a tolerance to a specific allergen. You can rely on Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology Medical Group to provide the best quality immunotherapy because we have been specializing in this area since 1978. Immunotherapy can be used to reduce the sensitivity of most types of allergies, except for food allergies. We commonly prescribe immunotherapy for:

  • Hay fever
  • Allergic asthma
  • Bee sting allergies

Most insurance plans cover immunotherapy, so don’t hesitate to ask your allergist in Santa Clarita CA about this option!

Other Treatment Options

If your allergy is not responsive to immunotherapy, or you prefer not to explore this therapy, your allergist in Santa Clarita CA can recommend other options to help manage or relieve your symptoms. For example, for food allergies we may recommend avoidance or elimination diets, while for skin allergies we may prescribe helpful medications. In any case you can rest assured we will provide safe treatments designed to provide maximum relief.

Ready to Meet Your Allergist in Santa Clarita CA?

Are you ready to learn more about your allergies and how to beat them from a qualified allergist in Santa Clarita CA? Please call us now. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment at the location of your choice.

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