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Beware of These Potentially Sneaky Allergy-Causing Irritants

Beware of These Potentially Sneaky Allergy-Causing Irritants

There are more than 50 million people in the United States who suffer from allergies. There are some allergies that are very well known, such as allergies to penicillin, peanuts, and shellfish. Then there are allergies that many people are not even aware of. If you suffer from allergies and have a flare up that comes seemingly out of nowhere, it could one of these lesser known allergies.

Allergic Reactions to Metal

Anything that has metal in it has the potential to cause a skin flare-up. For example, allergic dermatitis, which is a skin reaction to an allergen, can be caused by metal. Symptoms include burning, redness, bumps, or itching. Any allergen can cause this, but there are some that more likely to do so, including nickel, cobalt, and chromate.

Avoiding things made from the metal you are allergic to is a start, but it is not enough. Why? Because metals can show up in places you may not have thought of. For example, some tattoo inks have metal in them. Eyeglass frames can have metal in them. Accents on your clothing, such as snaps or zippers, may have metal in them. Even some cosmetics may have metal in them.

Neomycin Sulphate

This is a topical antibiotic that you can buy over the counter, and it is also sometimes sold at prescription strength. It may come in a cream, gel, drop, or lotion. If you are allergic to neomycin, you will always have to check the ingredients in any medication that includes an antibiotic. Note as well that certain anti-itch creams have neomycin, which can mean that the solution some people try actually makes their problem worse.

A person allergic to this substance will also need to look closely at all creams and gels, ear drops, eye drops, and vaginal suppositories as they may include it as well. If you are not if a product has this allergen, ask your doctor, allergist, or pharmacist.

Eyelash Extensions

Many people use eyelash extensions as a semi-permanent way to get the long lashes they want. They involve gluing individual extensions to lashes, and lengthen each lash for months at a time. There are many benefits to a person’s beauty regimen, but they can also cause allergies. It is generally the adhesive that causes the extension, so it is possible to still use extensions if your allergic to just one type of adhesive.

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