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Asthma New Year’s Resolution

Asthma New Year’s Resolution

It’s a new year and everyone is making a New Year’s resolution. Many people choose to lose weight, eat healthier, or focus more on themselves. If you have asthma, consider choosing a New Year’s resolution that centers on improving your asthma symptoms. Seeking ways to help manage your asthma is a good thing to control your symptoms. Let us take a look at some asthma specific resolutions to help you manage our asthma in the new year.

10 Asthma Resolutions

  1. Remember to avoid your known asthma triggers. Knowing what triggers your asthma and avoiding them can help you prevent your asthma symptoms. Common asthma triggers are pollen, tobacco smoke, dust, and respiratory infections.
  2. Practice good hygiene. Good hygiene, such as proper hand washing techniques, is a good way to prevent illnesses.
  3. Don’t smoke or use tobacco products. Smoking and using tobacco products are a trigger for asthma. Avoiding its use will also reduce your risk of lung and oral cancer.
  4. Develop an asthma action plan. If you don’t already have an asthma action plan, remember to make one with your health care provider. If you have one, then it’s a great time to review and update your asthma action plan.
  5. Eat a nutritious diet with fruits and vegetables. Having a nutritious diet will be a good thing for our health and immune system. A healthy immune system can help prevent serious asthma symptoms.
  6. Remember to use your medications as prescribed. If you have not been using your medications as prescribed by your doctor, now is a good time to start. Using your medications as directed will help you manage your asthma and prevent symptoms from occurring.
  7. Dress for the cold weather. If it is cold or windy outside, consider wearing a coat and a scarf to help keep you warm. Cold weather is a known trigger for asthma symptoms.
  8. Talk with your doctor if your symptoms are not controlled. If your symptoms are not managed, the new year is the perfect time to address this with your doctor.
  9. Exercise regularly to help improve asthma related symptoms. Keeping your body healthy can help you avoid asthma symptoms.
  10. Get enough rest to reduce asthma symptoms. If you body is tired from the recent holidays and travels, this is a great time to start taking care of yourself by getting enough rest. Getting enough rest can help your body fight off infection and repair itself, helping reduce serious asthma symptoms.

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