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Asthma Can Go Away

Asthma Can Go Away

Ever wonder if a chronic disease would ever go away? Most of the time, being diagnosed with a chronic disease would mean living with the disease for the rest of your life. However, that is not always the case. Asthma is a chronic lung disease that may go away for some patients. Let’s take a look at how some children can outgrow their asthma or have a reduction in symptoms, while others may have lasting asthma.

Kids Can Outgrow Asthma

Sometimes children who are diagnosed with asthma at a young age can outgrow their asthma. Over time, parents can notice a decline in the symptoms of their children. It is not exactly known why in some kids; their asthma improves or is eliminated with increasing age. It is also not known who to determine which child will outgrow their asthma or have significant reduction of symptoms and which kid will not. However, the only way to definitely tell if the inflammation and mucus production is asthma is present is to conduct a biopsy. Many times, even though as the child matures and asthma goes away or the symptoms reduces, it often reoccurs later in life.

Reasons Why Asthma Symptoms Disappear in Kids

There are some potential reasons why asthma symptoms disappear in children.

  1. As children grow up, their lungs also get bigger with larger airways. The inflammation in the lungs can then go unnoticed.
  2. The symptoms of asthma wheezing may be triggered by a cold or other upper respiratory virus. The wheezing will improve as the illness improves as well.

Reasons Why Asthma May Not Disappear in Kids

There are also some reasons why asthma will continue in children and into adulthood.

  1. Children with asthma who are more sensitive to allergens at a young age will not tend to improve as they age.
  2. Kids with eczema or a family history of having asthma are more likely to have asthma life-long.
  3. Having severe asthma past 5 years of age with or without allergies will likely have lasting asthma.

Have Questions About Your Child’s Asthma?

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