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4 Ways to Cope With Irritating Spring Allergies

4 Ways to Cope With Irritating Spring Allergies

If you are one of the 20% of Americans that fall victim to seasonal allergies, springtime likely is not fun for you. From watery and itchy eyes to sneezing, congestion, and a stuffy nose, spring allergies are nothing to balk at. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to try to reduce your spring allergy symptoms.

  1. Try over the counter medications.
  2. Your first step when it comes to managing spring allergies is utilizing over the counter medications. There are different types of drugs that can help relieve symptoms, and they should only be used for a brief period of time. Antihistamines will help alleviate congestion while decongestants specifically reduce nasal congestion, swelling, and mucus. You can also use nasal sprays to shrink swollen nasal tissues to allow you to breathe better. Eye drops can also be used for itchy, red or teary eyes.

    To best utilize over the counter medicines, take them early and regularly. Those who suffer regularly from spring allergies should start taking medicines around the beginning of March. This allows you to stay ahead of the symptoms and keep your allergies under control.

  3. Avoid triggers.
  4. Another way to reduce your spring allergies is to avoid triggers. That might mean passing on outdoor chores or a fun evening hike if you’re fearful it will evoke your allergy systems. Pollen and other allergens can also cling to your body and clothes so be sure to change clothes when you come inside and always rinse off before bed.

  5. Utilize an air purifier.
  6. An air purifier is also a good way to control the pollen, dust, and other particles floating around in the air in your home. Keep your windows shut and use a HEPA air filter—not ionic—in your home. For the most effective results, keep it running regularly.

  7. Consider allergy shots.
  8. If the preceding tips don’t touch your allergy symptoms, you might need to consider getting a powerful treatment called immunotherapy. This is also known as an allergy shot, which contains a small amount of the allergen that you are allergic to. As your body is exposed to the stronger and stronger doses of the allergen, over time it will become desensitized, which reduces your allergy symptoms.

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